Fly from Melbourne or Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam Airlines return from $582

Ok, so you may find cheaper, indirect flights (with long stopovers) that don’t include food and baggage to South East Asia but if you’re looking for cheap and direct flights to Vietnam on a full-service airline, this deal is for you.

Don’t miss out on this cheap deal departing Melbourne or Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City return flying with Vietnam Airlines (including baggage) from $582.

Flights from Melbourne for $582 return include:
02/Oct/2019 to 15/Oct/2019
12/Oct/2019 to 22/Oct/2019 $582
15/Oct/2019 to 02/Nov/2019 $583
17/Oct/2019 to 02/Nov/2019 $583
21/Oct/2019 to 04/Nov/2019 $582
11/Nov/2019 to 20/Nov/2019 $582
12/Nov/2019 to 23/Nov/2019 $582
12/Nov/2019 to 22/Nov/2019 $582
12/Nov/2019 to 21/Nov/2019 $582
12/Nov/2019 to 20/Nov/2019 $582

Flights from Sydney for $599 return include:
15/Oct/2019 to 30/Oct/2019 $599
05/Nov/2019 to 20/Nov/2019 $599
14/Nov/2019 to 29/Nov/2019 $599
23/Nov/2019 to 08/Dec/2019 $599
28/Nov/2019 to 13/Dec/2019 $599
11/Oct/2019 to 24/Oct/2019 $599
06/Nov/2019 to 23/Nov/2019 $599
18/Nov/2019 to 05/Dec/2019 $599
12/Nov/2019 to 19/Nov/2019 $599
Plus more…

Please note: This Chau Papa cheap travel deal was accurate at the time of publication. Availability and price can change at any time.

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