Fly Major Australian cities to Tokyo from $523 return with full-service airline

Ever dreamt of the ultimate getaway where you could hit some fresh powder up in the mountains and then laze around on warm golden sand and crystal clear water all together in the same holiday?
If so, you could make that a dream a reality by flying with Fiji Airlines to Tyoko from major Australian cities from a low $523 including taxes.

For a few extra bucks you could extend your beach break in Fiji by a few days simply by adding a stop-over.

This Fiji Airlines deal includes baggage allowance, meals and inflight entertainment!

Cheap flights departing Adelaide from $523 return include:
2020 Dates
03/Feb to 01/Mar $524
24/Feb to 22/Mar $523
17/Feb to 01/Mar $524
10/Feb to 01/Mar $524
17/Feb to 08/Mar $524
24/Feb to 15/Mar $524
24/Feb to 08/Mar $524
02/Mar to 15/Mar $524
02/Mar to 22/Mar $524
09/Mar to 29/Mar $524
Plus more…

Cheap flights departing Melbourne from $538 return include:
2019 Dates
30/May to 11/Jun $539
2020 Dates
06/Feb to 25/Feb $538
20/Feb to 10/Mar $539
29/Feb to 10/Mar $539
29/Feb to 17/Mar $539
05/Mar to 24/Mar $538
14/Mar to 31/Mar $539
07/Mar to 24/Mar $539
12/Mar to 31/Mar $539
21/Mar to 31/Mar $539
Plus more…

Cheap flights departing Brisbane from $540 return include:
2019 Dates
19/Aug to 01/Sep $541
28/Oct to 15/Nov $541
31/Oct to 15/Nov $541
14/Nov to 29/Nov $541
2020 Dates
29/Feb to 15/Mar $541
29/Feb to 13/Mar $541
02/Mar to 22/Mar $540
07/Mar to 22/Mar $541
14/Mar to 29/Mar $541
02/Mar to 20/Mar $541
Plus more…

Cheap flights departing Sydney from $541 return include:
2019 Dates
20/Aug to 03/Sep $542
27/Aug to 10/Sep $542
29/Oct to 12/Nov $541
31/Oct to 12/Nov $542
2020 Dates
07/Feb to 21/Feb $541
06/Mar to 20/Mar $541
07/Feb to 28/Feb $541
13/Mar to 29/Mar $542
14/Feb to 28/Feb $542
Plus more…

Please note: This Chau Papa cheap travel deal was accurate at the time of publication. Availability and price can change at any time.

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