$572 return – Fly to Tokyo, Japan from major Australian cities on full-service airline!

Malaysian Airlines is having a sale to Tokyo. From just $572 you could find yourself singing karaoke and sipping on sake in the largest city in the world! Luggage, entertainment and food are all included in the return airfare price.
Departures range from September to November 2019 and February to March 2020.

$572 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights
02-Sep-2019 to 20-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019 to 23-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019 to 22-Sep-2019
10-Sep-2019 to 23-Sep-2019
02-Sep-2019 to 22-Sep-2019
02-Sep-2019 to 23-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019 to 20-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019 to 24-Sep-2019
02-Sep-2019 to 16-Sep-2019
09-Sep-2019 to 21-Sep-2019
Plus more…

$581 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights
10-Oct-2019 to 21-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019 to 20-Oct-2019
08-Oct-2019 to 18-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019 to 19-Oct-2019
09-Oct-2019 to 18-Oct-2019
31-Oct-2019 to 08-Nov-2019
03-Oct-2019 to 11-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019 to 18-Oct-2019
17-Oct-2019 to 25-Oct-2019
24-Oct-2019 to 01-Nov-2019
Plus more…

$596 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights
10-Oct-2019 to 24-Oct-2019
17-Oct-2019 to 31-Oct-2019
12-Sep-2019 to 03-Oct-2019
10-Oct-2019 to 31-Oct-2019
10-Sep-2019 to 03-Oct-2019
17-Oct-2019 to 24-Oct-2019
12-Sep-2019 to 01-Oct-2019
12-Sep-2019 to 02-Oct-2019
10-Sep-2019 to 01-Oct-2019
23-Feb-2020 to 03-Mar-2020
Plus more…

$613 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights
26-Feb-2020 to 13-Mar-2020
30-Jan-2020 to 16-Feb-2020
06-Feb-2020 to 23-Feb-2020
20-Feb-2020 to 06-Mar-2020
27-Feb-2020 to 13-Mar-2020
05-Feb-2020 to 23-Feb-2020
24-Feb-2020 to 13-Mar-2020
06-Feb-2020 to 25-Feb-2020
27-Feb-2020 to 11-Mar-2020
Plus more…

$612 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights
03-Oct-2019 to 22-Oct-2019
20-Feb-2020 to 10-Mar-2020
02-Oct-2019 to 22-Oct-2019
11-Sep-2019 to 01-Oct-2019
19-Feb-2020 to 10-Mar-2020
01-Oct-2019 to 22-Oct-2019
04-Feb-2020 to 25-Feb-2020
11-Feb-2020 to 03-Mar-2020
18-Feb-2020 to 10-Mar-2020
17-Feb-2020 to 10-Mar-2020
Plus more…

Please note: This Chau Papa cheap travel deal was accurate at the time of publication. Availability and price can change at any time.

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